Content marketing and PR

There has been tremendous hype about content marketing but do you know what it is, and more importantly, do you need it? Content marketing is the content that provides your customers, potential customers and the public, with useful information before, during or following their shopping experiences.

What is content marketing?

The content is written and created for value, incorporating your brand elements in order to increase brand loyalty and retain customers. It should build on the customer’s story in order to advance your business through customer relationships.

Content marketing is produced for your own media channels, for example, your website and social media pages. It doesn’t replace any other form of marketing, on the contrary, it works alongside SEO, which is more technical.

B2B marketers average 26% of their total marketing budget to content which might consist of text, video, photographs, ebooks, presentations, reports, webinars, blogs, audio, promotional codes, apps, newsletters and infographics. Content marketing is not new but it does continue to evolve as new technology enters the market.

Building on customer relationships with content

Reaching out to your customers in different ways increases sales opportunities particularly when your business goals are aligned with a good content strategy containing both long and short term goals. Knowing who your audience is and where they spend their time is also key to building an online community and acquiring those quality links which in turn also improves your SEO.

What’s not to like about content marketing? It helps build customer relationships; it establishes your business as a resource; it increases sales and is less expensive to produce than other forms of marketing and it continues to generate more traffic to your website.

Whatever your business, B2B or B2C, you will find that content marketing is is hugely beneficial.

How can I benefit from PR?

Public relations (PR) is primarily reviews of your products or company by journalists. PR works well in conjunction with blogging and content marketing and is classified as ‘earned’ or ‘free’ media with articles in newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and TV.

Successful PR has to be customised in that you need to know what kind of an angle the publication would be interested in covering and then gain the attention of the right journalist.

There is a set format for reviews and press releases. Busy journalists or bloggers prefer certain details included such as specific numbers, time frames, quotes and facts before they will even consider giving your information the time of day. Ideally, there also needs to be some kind of rapport between the person sending and the reporter.

Public relations is much more than just researching, planning and pitching an article. In the longer term, brands see public relations as an investment, a way to increase the visibility of their company/product resulting in greater brand awareness, customer loyalty and reputation.

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