Put A Shell On It

Put A Shell On It, offers robust, high-quality phone cases which can be individually customized by their users. The challenge was to make their brand stand out from the crowd through a strong brand message and a clear marketing strategy.



We undertook some market research and identified that the user interface needed a redesign to offer a simpler ordering system for the customer. Working with the clients we discussed a range of options and finally settled on offering a choice of 25 different models, 8 major brands and up to 8 variations of snap cases. The interface was tested and rolled out and proved to be very successful, offering shoppers a much clearer selection process. Customers were able to upload images, add text, chose a case colour and complete the transaction with ease.


Having looked at their existing marketing strategy we initially focused on the channels from which they were receiving the most conversions. We compiled a report, taking into account existing data and measurements from analytics.  We managed a number of very successful email marketing campaign to their existing customer database.

Fine Marketing designed a review system for customer feedback and a re-marketed to those customers offering an incentive to purchase further personalised phone cases. The re-marketing produced valuable feedback for the client particularly in relation to the value and quality that their customers expected from the product.

Following the initial direct marketing successes, we introduced the client to social media marketing where Put A Shell On It received 1500 likes on Facebook. We worked with the client to maintain consistent branding across a range of channels, including SKY TV, which has contributed to Put A Shell On It becoming one of the leaders in this particular field.