Website design and development

Let us breathe life back into your website with fresh ideas, responsive designs and dynamic e-commerce. You will already know that people are browsing very differently from just a couple of years ago. Mobile search is now dominant, customers take time reviewing products through various networks before purchasing and maintaining their brand loyalty and engagement is vital in this fast paced technology driven environment.

Benefit from greater online visibility

In the UK, 82% of the population are active mobile users with 27% active e-commerce shoppers. In 2015, the average internet user spent 3 hours per day online of which half was via mobile.

There has never been a better time for businesses to benefit from greater online visibility. The market is very competitive and website visitors like to find what they are searching for in less than 4 seconds. This is especially relevant if they are using a tablet or mobile device?

Fine Marketing is an agency set up to drive more traffic to your site, increase brand loyalty and ultimately help you to benefit from more conversions.

Engaging responsive website design

Our creative team design websites that not only look great but are engaging, responsive and fully reflect our clients' brands.

 Websites designed by Fine Marketing are easy to read and navigate, fully searchable and naturally adjust to different screen sizes whether browsing for business or pleasure.

Responsive design is now a standard feature for websites and regularly used for e-commerce, although there are certain businesses, such as airlines and large travel companies that prefer to run additional adaptive sites, which are more expensive and some companies preferring to use apps to encourage sales.

Designing a website involves a commitment from both the customer and the agency. At Fine Marketing, we work closely with our clients and following an initial project meeting to discuss your requirements, listen to your ideas, learn about your resources, copy and timescales, we will submit a detailed proposal and costs.

Powerful CMS systems

We build our websites on a powerful content management system securely hosted on the Cloud with a leading global company. Updates are handled automatically to give you complete confidence. The CMS system is flexible to meet all business needs with a wealth of features including blogs, email marketing, events and customer management.

In the past you may have hired a web designer to build your site or may even have tried to design one yourself using one of the open source templates. However, these can be time consuming, difficult to update, expensive with extra plug-ins on yearly licenses and little flexibility. 

Gain a head start on the competition

At Fine Marketing, we will consider and research your business market before we discuss design. In order to reach potential and existing customers your business needs to be smarter than the competition, unless of course, you have money to waste. You will need to know how to attract customers, discover the opportunities that exist to reach them and how to attract them. This will involve research, analytics and social insights.

Our marketing experience will point us to consider your ROI whereas a web designer will only act on your instructions to produce a site. Very importantly, the business tools which sit behind our management system provide the means for you to communicate with new and existing customers.

Do bear in mind that just being the proud owner of a new website does not mean that you can forget about the marketing. It is rather like producing a flyer, if it just sits there and is not distributed or handed out, it will not generate leads and produce sales.